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From Chicago, Illinois, I present Evil Beaver. They are 2 women, Evie Evil on bass and vocals, and Laura Ann Beaver on drums. That's it. No electric guitars. Evie plays one hell of a bass, like it was an electric guitar. If you have a chance to catch them live, do so, you will be much impressed!

The images here were shot on the 13th of December, 2002, at Cheers, in Roseland, Indiana.

The official Evil Beaver web page can be viewed here.

If it seems like I was biased, and shot more of the bass player than the drummer, am sorry about that. Wasn't biased, was just easier to get a clear shot of Evie, since the drums were always blocking Laura Ann. I shot almost 2 rolls of film of them, and the images here represent the best ones of them.

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119-08-07.jpg 119-11-10.jpg 119-14-13.jpg 119-16-15.jpg
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120-10-08.jpg 120-12-10.jpg 120-15-13.jpg 120-16-14.jpg

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