Digital Manipulations - Colours

The following images are all manipulations of one image, colours01.jpg. Using Adobe Photoshop, I manipulated that image, saved, and so on, deriving these manipulations all from the first image. Somewhere along the line, it no longer resembled the first image. That's how it goes, I guess.

As an added bonus, if you want to get one hell of a headache. save all the images, and then use AC/DC to flip thru them all real quick.

Click on thumbnail to see full-sized image.

colours01.jpg colours02.jpg colours03.jpg colours04.jpg
colours05.jpg colours06.jpg colours07.jpg colours08.jpg
colours09.jpg colours10.jpg colours11.jpg colours12.jpg
colours13.jpg colours14.jpg colours15.jpg colours16.jpg
colours17.jpg colours18.jpg colours19.jpg colours20.jpg
colours21.jpg colours22.jpg colours23.jpg

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