Digital Manipulations - The Hunter

Some background about The Hunter:

A month or so back, I went to Notre Dame to see a friend of mine. I had time to kill waiting for her, so went to the photography section in their library there.

There, I found a book written in 1935 or 1937 that detailed how to take a photograph of a "ram standing on the edge of a cliff against a mountainview backdrop" (quotes mine). The ram was, of course, a small model, about 8 inches tall. In fact, the entire photo was done in a studio, and it looked great.

Great enough for me to want to try my hand at it.

Below are my attempts at it.

I won't go into the details to make it, other than the obvious - digital photo, then edited in photoshop.

I give you, The Hunter....

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07-01.jpg 07-02.jpg 08-01.jpg 08-02.jpg
08-03.jpg 08-06.jpg 08-08.jpg 08-10.jpg

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