Billiard Balls

A simple subject matter, but put them where one normally doesn't see one...

...Until you see the burning billiard ball foto's....

Yes, they were really on fire - no manipulations here.

As for the cue ball shot right after them - I sprayed it with glow in the dark hairspray, then put it under a blacklight.

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01 ball.jpg 02 ball.jpg 03 ball.jpg 04 ball.jpg
05 ball.jpg 06 ball.jpg 07 ball.jpg 08 ball.jpg
09 ball.jpg 10 ball.jpg 11 ball.jpg 12 ball.jpg
13 ball.jpg 14 ball.jpg 15 ball.jpg cue ball.jpg
Dsc03112.jpg Dsc03113.jpg Dsc03114.jpg Dsc03117.jpg

Dsc03118.jpg Dsc03913.jpg

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