A quick note: Some of the images are negatives, sepia tone, or black and white. These were not done in photoshop or any other graphics editing program. The digital camera I was using has the options for shooting in those formats, and I do use the camera to its full potential.

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Dsc03937.jpg Dsc03943.jpg Dsc03944.jpg Dsc03945.jpg
Dsc03946.jpg Dsc03947.jpg Dsc03949.jpg Dsc03951.jpg
Dsc03952.jpg Dsc03953.jpg Dsc03954.jpg Dsc03955.jpg
Dsc03958.jpg Dsc03962.jpg Dsc03963.jpg Dsc03964.jpg
Dsc03965.jpg Dsc03966.jpg Dsc03967.jpg Dsc03968.jpg

Dsc03969.jpg Dsc03970.jpg

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