How ironic - I shoot a ton of photo's of elbow macaroni, and I wind up using one 1 where they actually look like macaroni! All the rest, NO manipulation done on the computer; the effects were achieved with the digital camera I used.

Once again, proof that I cannot take a normal photograph of anything...

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Dsc06014.jpg Dsc06019.jpg Dsc06020.jpg Dsc06021.jpg
Dsc06022.jpg Dsc06024.jpg Dsc06026.jpg Dsc06028.jpg
Dsc06030.jpg Dsc06031.jpg Dsc06032.jpg Dsc06038.jpg
Dsc06039.jpg Dsc06042.jpg Dsc06043.jpg Dsc06044.jpg
Dsc06045.jpg Dsc06046.jpg Dsc06047.jpg Dsc06056.jpg
Dsc06058.jpg Dsc06062.jpg Dsc06066.jpg Dsc06068.jpg

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