Surreal Trees

Surreal trees is actually the begining of something else I've been working on. For a while now, I've wanted to create a miniature set - trees, road, fence, etc. I've just never gotten around to having a go at it until a few weeks ago, when I bought the trees.

The trees are unfinished. You have to bend them out - they're made of metal - and attach the foilage to them.

Well, whilst bending them out, I began to get a different idea in mind, something I could do on the way to the finished product.

This is the result of that wild idea....

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Dsc01880.jpg Dsc01885.jpg Dsc01886.jpg Dsc01888.jpg
Dsc01889.jpg Dsc01890.jpg Dsc01891.jpg Dsc01893.jpg
Dsc01894.jpg Dsc01895.jpg Dsc01904.jpg Dsc01905.jpg

Dsc01907.jpg Dsc01909.jpg

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