Racing - Kalamazoo Speedway

The images below were taken on April 28, 2001, at the Kalamazoo, Michigan Speedway. They are a small part of the 6 rolls I shot that night, almost 144 photo's total.

We were sitting in turn 4, so had a pretty good field of shot to shoot, what with the cars pretty much looking they were coming right at us. And, despite all of the somewhat serious looking accidents pictured here, am happy to say no one was seriously injured. The only real injury was someone who had hit the wall near us, and drove the pins in his already broken fingers in a bit deeper.

Disclaimer: I in no way endorse any of the sponsers whose logo's appear on the cars on this page.

Oh, please disregard any gray bush you may spot in the bottom of the photo's...

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KS001-03-02.jpg KS001-04-03.jpg KS001-05-04.jpg KS001-09-08.jpg
KS001-16-15.jpg KS002-07-06.jpg KS003-09-08.jpg KS003-10-09.jpg
KS003-15-14.jpg KS003-16-15.jpg KS003-17-16.jpg KS001-02-01.jpg
KS001-08-07.jpg KS001-10-09.jpg KS001-15-14.jpg KS001-18-17.jpg
KS002-02-01.jpg KS002-04-03.jpg KS002-05-04.jpg KS002-09-08.jpg
KS002-10-09.jpg KS002-12-11.jpg KS002-14-13.jpg KS002-18-17.jpg
KS002-21-20.jpg KS002-22-21.jpg KS003-08-07.jpg KS003-12-11.jpg
KS002-14-13.jpg KS003-18-17.jpg KS003-19-18.jpg KS003-20-19.jpg
KS004-11-10.jpg KS006-09-08.jpg KS006-11-10.jpg

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