The Book Of Frost... Whilst to you, it may not seem like much, to me, it was, and is, something that I began writing that affected me.

Due to a floppy disc going bad, I've lost all the other chapters I had written. Maybe that was for the better, maybe for the worse, I don't know. I have decided to write new chapters, though, to keep The Book Of Frost alive. Have to warn you, though... Writing the chapters puts me into a weird part of my mind.. A bad part, one you really wouldn't like. But please, remember, it's not real. I may incorporate parts of life around me into it - maybe the make of your car, the general layout of your apartment, your daily routines, etc., but that does not mean I am stalking you or planning on doing anything to you at all. This is just how The Book Of Frost goes.

"But what exactly is The Book Of Frost?" you ask. Well, it's a Book where each chapter is written from a different perspective. The first chapter is written from the perspective of the killer - oops, did I give too much away? - and each chapter after is written from a different perspective - a news broadcast, a taxi driver talking to a fare, 2 girls at school talking, etc. It's to give different incite into the mind of one person. Sometimes - well, almost always - the killer makes a few comments after the chapter, to give you his perspective on what was said.

If this affects you like it affects me... Well, you ARE in MY Darkness, remember....

Chapter 1 : In The City, Crawled I
Chapter 2 : The Most Dangerous Game
Chapter 3 : Transfer, Please
Chapter 4 : Enter, The Detective
Chapter 5 : As Above, So Below, Part I
Chapter 6 : As Above, So Below, Part II
Chapter 7 : Who Lives Inside?
Chapter 8 : When The Bough Breaks...
Chapter 9 : Bleed For Me
Chapter 10 : Interlude, Part 1
Chapter 11 : Music Soothes The Savage Beast
Chapter 12 : The Private Recital
Chapter 13 : Pace
Chapter 14 : Interlude, Part 2
Chapter 15 : Reign Of Fire
Chapter 16 : Interlude, Part 3
Chapter 17 : Do Madmen Dream?
Chapter 18 : Sometimes The Light Bleeds Through
Chapter 19 : Tommy

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